Mecca Tattoo is an artist owned shop located in historic downtown Mankato. The shop features seven artists who can provide a truly custom experience. Artist and owner Megan Hoogland is an international award-winning tattooist with over 20 years experience. Mecca Tattoo offers consultations free of charge to those with ideas they want to see come to life. 


To make an appointment, please email the shop at meccatattoo@gmail.com

with the following information:

1. A detailed description of what you would like to get.     

    2. Where on your body the tattoo will be placed. (Please use specific descriptions such as ‘upper bicep’, ‘lower left ribcage, ‘right ankle’, etc.)

    3. Size of the tattoo in INCHES. (width and height)

    4. Artist preference, if any.

    5. Reference images for the designs, please tell us if you’re looking for the exact design, or a custom redraw.

    6. Any changes or alterations to reference images. (Such as different font, change in colors, additional wording, etc.)

    7. If you are looking for text/script, please tell us what font you would like to use. You can browse www.dafont.com for ideas and send them our way. 


For appointments with Megan, please email her directly at meganhoogland@gmail.com. Currently she does have over a year waiting list for new appointments depending on her travel schedule.


NEWS: Mecca Tattoo is open!






   For all other questions please give the shop a call at:



Artist Contact #s:

John D: 507-519-0819

Tom: 507-519-2446

Trent: 507-407-0304

Patrick: 507-407-0321

Please refer to the guidelines below regarding your




Thomas Earhart

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Thomas Dale Earhart Jr has 12 years of experience under his belt. He came straight out of Fairmont, MN wrapped in a loin cloth. He floated upstream to the big city, and then there was a big fire and he ran away into the woods where we found him. Cold. Hungry and naked. We took him in, under our wing and taught him to be civilized. He learned to love and be a part of a family and minivans.

He enjoys creating Neo traditional pieces. He’s always striving to improve his craft and has became a very well rounded artist. Tom brings a unique skill set to Mecca, along with The Most Majestic Mustache in all of Minnesota.

Trent Wyczawski

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Trent Wyczawski has been tattooing for the past 15 years in Baltimore, MD. In addition to traditional tattooing, for the past 5 years he has specialized in medical tattooing for breast cancer survivors as a member of the Vinnie Myers team. Helping women and men complete the last step in their cancer reconstruction.

Please email him directly at trentwyczawski@gmail.com for information on reconstructive tattooing.


Just so you know-- he has a bold passion for Mountain Dew and peanut butter. He also knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING.

Kelsey Allore

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Kelsey has been working at Mecca as the Shop Manager for about 6 years. She is now a full time apprentice for the shop as she continues to perfect her work. Currently she is offering half price tattoos.

If you'd like to set something up with Kelsey, email us at meccatattoo@gmail.com with the subject line "attention Kelsey". 

Patrick Marshall

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Patrick hails from the Great White North of Minnesota. He has been tattooing for about 9 years.

Samantha Hein

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Samantha is our microblade artist. She specializes in eyebrows, eyeliner and lip tattooing. To set something up with Samantha, please email her at luxebrowsmn@gmail.com

Renewal Laser

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One of our shop managers, Nate, performs laser removal sessions on behalf of Renewal Laser. If you'd like to learn more about laser removal services, check out their website at www.renewallaser.com.



Megan Hoogland

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With over 20 years of experience, Megan has made quite a name for herself as one of the top female tattoo artists in the United States. Working diligently on the convention circuit and being featured in numerous magazines worldwide, Megan still awes her fans with her uncanny attention to detail.

As a master in black & gray tattooing, she specializes in portrait tattooing and reproduction work - with a twist, making each piece that she works on her own.

For appointments and availability, please email Megan at meganhoogland@gmail.com. Currently she does have a waiting list of  a year for new clients.

Kelly Bunde

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As a native to the Mankato area, Kelly Bunde spent the first part of her career as a professional graphic designer. Her skills as an illustrator translated well into her work as a professional tattooer, drawing custom pieces for each client.


Kelly started tattooing in 2010, and was drawn towards detailed, bold color work. Her style has since been transformed into large scale patterns, drawing from mandala, henna, and sacred geometry sources to create a style of her own. Aside from her speciality work she loves to tattoo anyone and everyone, well known for her sparkling personality and being able to take any idea and customize it for the client.

John Dickinson

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John Dickinson has been tattooing for 16 years and specializes in custom black and grey work. He can take any design given to him and make it his own. With a loyal customer following, John stays busy doing what he loves : tattooing, playing video games, and spending time with his growing family.


John keeps us on our toes by being relentlessly annoying and listening to alien podcasts. We don’t know what we’d do without him.


What is the process for getting a tattoo?

First, email the shop at meccatattoo@gmail.com or our artists directly with a DESCRIPTION of what you’re wanting along with SIZE, PLACEMENT, AND BUDGET info, and any REFERENCE PHOTOS you have of examples style, content, or anything that will help you get across what you’re wanting done:)

Can I talk to an artist?

Our artists stay busy tattooing but we have receptionists that would love to help you! We can talk to you about all of the details of your designs, get quotes on price from the artists, and get you scheduled for appointments.  Their job is to gather information to set you up with the right artist, and if after that they feel like a consultation with an artist is needed, they will help you set that up also.  

Can I reschedule my appointment?

If you need to reschedule for any reason, that’s no problem - we just ask for notice AT LEAST 24 hours before your appointment time! You are granted ONE reschedule. The goal for everyone involved is to get you in here and get you tattooed! In the event your reschedule doesn’t work out, you will lose your deposit and need to leave another to get your appointment on the books once again.

What is the shop minimum for any tattoo?



Why do I have to leave a deposit?

This is to assure the artist won’t be losing out on the income they’re expecting for the day and sitting around the shop with no customers!  If our artist are not working they are not making money, and its difficult to fill open spots for them at the last minute if someone does not show up for their appt.

Should I pay with cash or card?

Either is totally fine! However, if you'd like to pay with a card there is a 3% processing fee added onto your purchase. 

Can someone draw this for me so I can see it before I decide?

Our goal is to get to the point in the process that you and your artist are on the same page with what you are wanting and the size it needs to be, and to make sure that you trust your artist enough to take your ideas and translate it into at tattoo that you will love.  At that point we do ask for a $100 non refundable deposit which holds your appointment and goes to the cost of your tattoo.  Another consultation appointment can be made at that point to see the drawing and make any changes.



115 S Broad Street

Mankato, Minnesota 56001



Tel: (507) 720-0040



By appointment only

Hours vary by artist 

Receptionists available 12-5pm Monday-Saturday

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